Total communication

App-Admin® is a fantastic tool to communicate because it has an intuitive management intranet that lets you manage your contacts, messages and channels and also let you manage and send your messages from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to its powerful agenda with custom fields, you will be sure the message reaches those who really require it. You can also enable suscribers sign into channels you have created in order to communicate.

Control Panel

App-Admin® is a clould-based management system allowing you to control and manage as many messages as well as contacts in your agenda.

  • Interface agile and clean.
  • Send meesages fintering width advanced searching.
  • Sending confirmation.
  • Insert data whatever you want
  • You can create tailor made fields depending on your demands and needs.
  • Export to Excel
  • Extend custom fields with personal configuration.
  • No monthly delivery limits

Control Panel Features


We use the most innovative programming tools to help you to be confortable with to the system quickly.

Advanced agenda

With custom fields, contacts have all the information you need, without limit.


We help you to activate your account, to start your campaigns and teach you the use of the system for free.


Contatos grouping, filtering, export, locate and edit them is a really simple task with App-Admin®

Historic data

Historic delivers will always display to see the impact of your message

Custom fields

You can add as many custom fields as you want and choose how you want to edit, dropdown, text boses, checks or lits

Your own app

It is compatible with mobile phones with iOS and Android operating systems. Web develop your app with your name and it will be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play

The app has no cost for your contacts and it has not fees of maintenance. Both users and recipients can download your App for free

iOS and Android

The app runs on mobile phones with operating systems iOS and Android


Both the splash screen and corporate information will have your own image and logos


The SMS works online in one way, but the app allows real-time chat, faqs, and puhs notifications


The app has no cost to yours clients and suscribers and it has not ad

Customers using App-admin®

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Universidad de Gijón
Universidad de Extremadura
Ayuntamiento de Aller
Ayuntamiento de Mazarrón
Ayuntamiento de Pola de Lena
Ayuntamiento de Ricote
Ayuntamiento de Fuente Álamo
Ayuntamiento de Pola de Siero
Ayuntamiento de Molina de Segura
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